The Women’s Entrepreneurship Organization and OpenGrants Partner to Deliver Crypto to Afghan Women

It is a critical time for women in Afghanistan and we need YOUR help! With the rapid fall of the government following the US withdrawal and the takeover by the Taliban, Afghan women and their children are extremely vulnerable and in dire need of financial resources. WEDO, The Women’s Entrepreneurship Organization, having been active in Afghanistan since 2014, is partnering with to answer this need through a new initiative, #CryptoForAfghanWomen.

This is where YOU come in! By donating just $10, the price of a Starbucks coffee or dessert, you can feed a family in Afghanistan for one week.

This innovative program intends to provide 100,000 Afghan women food for a week through the creative means of cryptocurrency, a peer to peer ecosystem, allowing for full traceability and transparency. The use of blockchain cryptocurrency gives Afghan women the financial resources they need without relying on the Taliban or the fragile banking system. The mission of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization is to support positive social and economic change from a ground up approach (especially for those 2.5 Billion people embanked that are mostly impoverished women) and to celebrate, empower and support women entrepreneurs!

WEDO, through its global female network, connections and resources, has created this initiative to offer an efficient means to quickly provide aid to Afghan women through immediate access to cryptocurrency. The Crypto For Afghan Women program has been launched to support the Women of Afghanistan during this disruptive and destabilizing time.

Afghan women and children have been disproportionately affected by the humanitarian crisis and are now desperately facing a growing food insecurity crisis. This innovative program, Crypto For Afghan Women, has been developed as the best solution to provide the quickest means of direct financial support to the Women of Afghanistan during this difficult time. Through the Open Grants

system, each woman will receive $10 in cryptocurrency through a digital wallet that will allow her to feed her family for the week.

The goals of this program are to:

1) Support continued economic development and opportunity to women in Afghanistan

2) Provide women with immediate access to capital outside of government and banking systems

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About The Grant

This Grant includes the following;

  • Access to $10 USDC over the Stellar Network
  • Support to Create A Digital Wallet

How It Works

  1. Sign Up Here
  2. We will text you a link
  3. Follow the instructions in the link to create your account
  4. We will deposit 10 USD to your account
  5. You can then send all or a portion of those funds to other women in the network.

Apply Here!

🗒️ Access the Application Here. Should you need any support, please let the team know by joining us on WhatsApp Using This Link.

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