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Sales ops @ MainStreet, claimed $50M+ in R&D credits

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Jake Bernstein


Jake Bernstein is the Head of Sales Ops at MainStreet – they help startups uncover and claim tax credits they’ve never heard of in 20 min. It’s free to see how much you’re owed, and they’ll do all the paperwork once we qualify you. You don’t have to be profitable to qualify, these credits can often be claimed against payroll taxes paid. Startups on average get $51,040, and 90% of startups qualify.

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MainStreet makes claiming credits dead-simple. Sign up, auth into your payroll, & we’ll do the rest:

  • Average savings: $51,070 in the 1st year, can go up to $250k+ (that number will only go up over time, right now we support 60, by Q1 we’ll support 250+).

If there are ~20,000 new startups every year, and even only 50% qualify (undershooting intentionally, it’s closer to 90%), that’s ~$500M+ in non-dilutive, free capital left on the table by founders… every year.

  • Qualifiers: as long as you’re launching or designing a new product, are <5 years old, and conduct some sort of economic activity in the US (eg. hiring employees or US-based contractors), you’ll typically qualify for at least one credit program and potentially many more.
  • Onboarding: can take 5 minutes (we use Finch to securely auth into their payroll system and grab all the data we need), or happy to set you up with a white-glove 20-min onboarding with one of our tax specialists. We do the rest automagically.
  • Pricing: We only get paid when you do – it’s free to see which credits your startup is qualified for, we charge 20% of anything we get back for you. So, if we qualify your business for $100,000 in tax credits, our fee would be capped at $20,000. We pull the required data from your payroll system, schedule a quick call to confirm the numbers and details, and send the form to your accountant to be filed in your taxes in time for Tax Day.
  • Cash advance program: We have access to large debt funds to give you cash advances for the credits you’re earning in real-time – nobody else is able to offer this. Instead of having to wait until Tax Day to get your credits, we’re able to give you access to a portion of the credits you’re owed in real-time at 0% interest.
  • You don’t have to be profitable to get real cash back – the majority of the savings discovered by MainStreet can be claimed against payroll taxes, which means you can get cash back from the IRS every time you run payroll. This can be as much as 10% of your gross payroll.

Some examples of the credits that we’ve helped founders claim: