OpenGrants for the DoD SBIR Ecosystem

OpenGrants has partnered with two amazing organizations in order to provide incredible support to organization’s working on DoD SBIR.

Stacy Chin, PhD

Bio: Stacy Chin, PhD is a champion and advocate for researchers and innovators whose passion is to turn their idea into a viable business. An NIH grant reviewer and mentor to first-time founders, she has set the bar high, made the mistakes, experienced the highs and lows, struggled to go on, and been rewarded with success. Her message-and personal discovery-is that what scientists have been trained to do at the bench, they are uniquely equipped to do in the marketplace: Bring an idea to life. The key is to learn the language of entrepreneurship and the mindset that governs it.

A passion for research and an entrepreneurial spirit drive Dr. Chin’s innovative endeavors. Dr. Chin’s interdisciplinary research background spans across polymers, biomaterials, biochemistry, structural analysis, and coatings. She secured million in grant funding and is also the co-inventor of over a dozen granted and pending national and global patents. She has published and co-authored manuscripts in JACS, ACS Macro Letters, and Chemical Science.

During her doctorate training, she was recognized for her research efforts through several awards and fellowships. She earned her chemistry Ph.D. at Boston University and her BA from the College of the Holy Cross.Dr. Chin consults start-ups on their business, non-dilutive funding, and research strategies. Dr. Chin holds leadership positions in R&D, product development, and business development, as well as manages interdisciplinary teams and collaborations with foreign partners. She has worked with founders, professors, medical doctors, and collaborators from top research institutions and hospitals.


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