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What People Are Saying

We just received a CalSeed grant to build a platform for financing electric vehicles. Working with OpenGrants was definitely the way to go. Their expertise and support was invaluable to winning these funds, and our company is moving forward as a result.

Kevin Favro, Co-Founder, EV Life

We’re grateful that someone took a hard look at the unnecessary complexities of the grants market and decided to fix it. We value OpenGrants’ ability to provide us timely information on grants we otherwise wouldn’t have time to look for. This helps us provide relevant info to our startups, partnerships and Chicostart. We’re excited to pursue a partnership that will benefit our ecosystem in the future.

Eva Shepherd-Nicoll, Executive Director, Chicostart

OpenGrants is the best platform I’ve seen to find grants. This is a seriously powerful platform that makes grant funding accessible and easy to understand. I recommend it to everyone I meet who’s looking for grants.

Jen Durkee, Founder, The Nonprofit Collective

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How much do grants cost?2020-11-05T21:32:56+00:00

The costs of writing and submitting a grant application—as well as your chances of winning—depend on many factors, including the program you’re applying for, the granting agency’s rules, your industry, the amount of the award, and whether you do it yourself or hire a grant writer.

As a very general guide, a $200K award might cost around $8K, a $500K award might cost around $15K, and a $2M award might cost around $30K.

One thing is certain—working with an expert improves your chances of winning by 3X. That’s why we curate a marketplace of talented freelance grant writers who can help guide you through your process. We also offer payment plans to help amortize your investment in a grant.

How do I know if I am eligible for grant funding?2020-09-20T17:53:09+00:00

There are loads of great resources out there to help you assess eligibility for the breadth of available grant programs. The fastest way is to sign up here. We will evaluate your situation and match you to eligible grants in five minutes.

The next best place is You can filter and search for federal grants and get a general idea of your eligibility. Once you find something that you think is a fit, you will want to download the RFP document, which is usually a PDF.

Inside, search for the eligibility section and read it carefully. NOTE: RFPs are updated and changed from time to time, so double-check with the listed program contact to ensure you are eligible before investing time and resources in an application.

Are grants the same as government contracts?2020-09-20T17:54:03+00:00

While a grant does result in a contract with the government, when people in the public sector talk about government contracting, they are not speaking about grants.

Governments all over the world contract out everything from laundry to national defense. Contracting can be a great way to land big customers with deep pockets. For all of your contracting needs, check out our friends at The Knowledge Stack!

Are grants the same as tax credits?2020-11-03T23:44:12+00:00

No, they are not. Grants are a financial award typically given by the government or a charitable foundation. Tax credits are a deduction from Tax owning. OpenGrants is all about grants. To claim tax credits head over to our friends at MainStreet.

Do you work on a success fee?2021-10-19T23:10:34+00:00

No. That is generally seen as unethical, and you should be wary of grant writers who offer that.

How do you make money?2020-11-05T21:33:38+00:00

We make money when you freelance hire grant writers through our platform, through paid subscriptions to our grant search engine, and through long-term service contracts with strategic partners.

Can I write a grant myself?2020-09-17T03:15:48+00:00

Yes, you can! Many companies working with us simply hire consultants to help them strategize and navigate some of the specific nuances involved in working with a government agency.

Do I need to worry about my intellectual property?2020-09-17T03:09:22+00:00

Yes. You should always be concerned about your IP. However, many grant programs have mechanisms in place to protect you. Have your attorney review anything you sign with the government.

What are federal grants?2020-09-20T17:56:50+00:00

A grant is a method for the government to fund ideas and projects that provide public services, fuel innovation, and stimulate the economy. Grants support critical recovery initiatives, innovative research, and many other programs listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

The grant process follows a linear life cycle that includes creating the funding opportunity, collecting applications, making award decisions, and implementing the award.

Grants are non-dilutive and do not need to be paid back.

How much funding can I receive?2020-09-20T17:57:18+00:00

There are billions of dollars in grant funding available from both public and private sources. Startups can typically expect to be able to compete for funds required to de-risk and develop early-stage, innovative technologies. Startups that are not science-based can often find funding for solutions that provide a public good or solve social issues. Awards can be as little as $500 and as much as $100M. Our average award size is $1.75M for science-based, innovation funding.

What are my chances of winning a grant?2020-11-05T21:30:05+00:00

The chances of winning a grant vary widely depending on how competitive the program is that you’re applying for, and how well positioned you are to leverage that funding. Some programs have a 10% win rate, while others may have an 80% win rate.

Experienced grant writers can outperform the average success rate by 50 points or more thanks to their familiarity with the nuances of the program, and their ability to navigate the paperwork.

The best advice we can give is to hire an expert who knows the program you’re interested in, or someone who can recommend a program you may not even be aware of. On average, hiring an expert will increase your chances of winning by 3X.

How long will it take to receive grant funding?2020-09-20T17:59:09+00:00

Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 6 months to one year to receive federal funding. There are exceptions to that, but a good rule of thumb is to plan on one year for federal funding, which means you must strategize well in advance. Local and foundation grants may arrive significantly faster.

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