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About OpenGrants

Our mission at OpenGrants is to deploy modern financial infrastructure to support efficient, equitable, and transparent grant funding processes. The OpenGrants leadership team has a ten year history of successful collaboration.

Our experience includes winning multi-million dollar grants, developing enterprise SaaS platforms for the government, and raising millions in funding for venture backed startups. We believe that, if done right, a business can be an effective catalyst for lasting change. Our work over the last ten years has chiefly focused on the intersection of the citizen experience with public data sets and public agencies including state, local and federal government.

What Sets Us Apart.

Network Approach

We’ve removed traditional grant funding silos by activating all stakeholders on one collaborative platform. This allows us to not only serve all stakeholders at once, but also to understand the entire grant funding ecosystem in a way that no single entity or government has.

Modern User Experience

We focus on simplicity, joy and ease-of-use in the design of our web-based application. This facilitates improved access for all stakeholders, especially those who are often excluded from traditional grant listing and distribution methods.

Core Competencies

Codes & Certifications


541512  —   Computer Systems Design
541511  —   Custom Programming 
541519  —   Computer Services
541611  —   General Consulting
611420  —   Computer Training

PSC Codes

DA01  — Application Design
DH01  — Database/Middleware
DJ01   — Security Services (labor)
R408   — Program Management   
R410   — Program Evaluation
R499   — Professional Support
R617   — Electronic Records 
R799   — Management



Our Team

OpenGrants is run by an experienced and passionate team of entrepreneurs, technologists and philosophers. We believe that, if done right, a business can be an effective catalyst for lasting change. Our past experiences exposed major challenges with grant funding, so we’re building the tools and community to solve them.

Sedale Turbovsky
Sedale TurbovskyCEO
Cody Hanson
Cody HansonCOO
Justin Fortier
Justin FortierCTO
Pachia Cha
Pachia ChaSoftware Engineer
Aaron Platt
Aaron PlattDeveloper
Adolfo Gutierrez
Adolfo GutierrezDeveloper