About OpenGrants

OpenGrants is run by an experienced and passionate team of entrepreneurs, technologists and philosophers. We believe that, if done right, a business can be an effective catalyst for lasting change. Our past experiences exposed major challenges with grant funding, so we’re building the tools and community to solve them. It’s not an easy path, and not a typical company. Our mission—build modern infrastructure for public funding to massively improve the efficiency and equity of those funds—is what drives us every day.

OpenGrants Team

Sedale Turbovsky

Sedale Turbovsky
CEO & Co-Founder

Sedale spent the last three years helping companies navigate the public funding space. A three-time founder and CEO, he previously lead this team in a successful startup studio venture.

Hunter Petersen

Hunter Petersen
CTO & Co-Founder

Hunter and Sedale have worked together to deliver SaaS solutions for the last seven years. Hunter’s mastery of computer science, coupled with impressive capacity for creative problem solving make him an exceptional CTO.

Pachia Cha

Pachia Cha
Co-Founder, Lead Developer UX/UI

Pachia’s previous experience includes key development roles at a variety of startups including Tenkiv, Waffle, and Athena. A full-stack developer with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, Pachia drives software development.

Cody Hanson

Cody Hanson
COO & Co-Founder

Cody spent the last five years supporting global startups and corporates at Singularity University. He brings a wealth of marketing and operations experience, as well as a rich network of policy makers and thought leaders.

Kate Newton

Kate Newton
Head of Growth

Before OpenGrants, Kate spent 3 years working with technology startups and building innovation ecosystems as a director at OneValley. Her experience includes roles across early stage business development, public relations, and marketing.

Smilte Valasinaite

Smilte Valasinaite
Front End Developer

Smilte found her passion for frontend development after completing a full-stack software development bootcamp and gaining industry experience through numerous internships. After further honing her creative skills as an OpenGrants intern, she joined the team full time.

Kinzie Hales

Kinzie Hales
Customer Success

Before OpenGrants, Kinzie worked in numerous organizations that revolved around grants and government funding, include with Lockheed Martin on the F-35 program. Kinzie is a United States Army Veteran, where he served in U.S. Army Aviation.


Our advisors are highly experienced professionals and subject matter experts with deep connections to key industry actors including the U.S. Small Business Administration, The Office of The Governor of California, Accenture, Momentum, Microsoft, and MXV Ventures.

Shawn Garvey
Shawn GarveyCEO, Momentum
Sadie St. Lawrence
Sadie St. LawrenceFounder, Women in Data
Jason Law
Jason LawPolitical Advisor
Melissa Granville
Melissa GranvilleProgram Director, Capitol Impact
Andy Hollingsworth
Andy HollingsworthProduct Manager, Quanticmind
Bill Mitchel
Bill MitchelPublic Sector Strategy
Terry Carlone
Terry CarloneInvestor, Attorney
Wendy Diamond
Wendy DiamondInvestor


OpenGrants was launched in 2018 with investment from friends and family. We have since raised additional funding from a variety of institutional and independent investors. OpenGrants continues to raise capital via the CAFE (Continuous Agreement for Future Equity). Meet our investors and discover the OpenGrants investment community.

OpenGrants Thesis

Technology and science will continue to advance exponentially in the labs and research institutions of the world. This constant drive for advancement is in our nature, and unless there’s a catastrophe, it won’t be stopped.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure that holds up our society was not designed to keep up with today’s pace of change. Our education systems, economic models, and cultural norms are buckling under the pressure of a world that looks completely different than it did just 20 years ago. A global pandemic has exposed the cracks that have been spreading for decades.

Nowhere are these cracks deeper than in our government, where hardworking bureaucrats do their best to distribute billions of dollars in taxpayer money—money that’s earmarked to improve our societal condition—using PDFs, Excel, and often educated guesswork.

The core issues include outdated technology, lack of data, and poor communication tools. Because of these issues, public funding is indisputably inefficient, ineffective, and inequitable. As entrepreneurs and technologists, we cannot in good conscience sit back and let it continue.

Fortunately, the scenario is primed for action. Never before has technology been more available, affordable, secure, and scalable. Never before has the government been so hungry for—and open to—new solutions. And never before has society so blatantly witnessed systemic issues be exacerbated by outdated infrastructure.

The future of prosperity depends on our ability to bring an intelligent external solution into government. We must build deep partnerships across the public sector, leverage enterprise-class technology to build software and data management tools that fit the needs and pace of modern day society, and effectively integrate these two disparate worlds.

All of this must happen quickly if we hope to give the next generation any shot at tackling their own challenges. This is our massive transformative purpose. This is why we’re here.