OpenGrants Partners with Atlas Solutions to Streamline Grant Management

Atlas Solutions is a collaborative platform for finding, managing and reporting your organizations grant funding. OpenGrants is thrilled to have Atlas in our partner ecosystem to streamline grants management for our community of grantors and grant seekers.

OpenGrants members are eligible to receive 10% off Atlas grant management software through our perks program. We partner with a variety of related companies, communities and service providers. Our goal is to partner with and recommend trusted resources that will be helpful for you on your journey to receiving—or helping others receive—grant funding. Check out our Perks Page, and create an OpenGrants account to gain access.

Read on to learn more about Atlas directly from CEO, Ansley Fender.

Why I created Atlas?

Grant management is one of the largest and most important sources of non-dilutive funding for the public, private, and nonprofit industries, but the vast majority of it is managed manually in spreadsheets.

This ends up costing about 20% of the grant funds–that’s roughly $330B each year that isn’t going to things like cancer research, homeless prevention, and environmental cleanup. We started Atlas to recapture that money and put it to work so we can actually solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Our customers

Atlas is the first grant management software that allows funders and recipients to manage collaboratively in the same platform. That means that we sell to both. A funding recipient can purchase and use Atlas regardless of whether their funders are in Atlas, and a funder can purchase and use Atlas regardless of whether they want to require their funding recipients to use Atlas (if they do require it, their recipients get free access to Atlas to manage their award). But the real magic of Atlas happens when both funder and recipient are using Atlas.

Funders can create and share the budget and see real-time budget vs actual totals, which is the the first major step in eliminating regular grant reports. Recipients can generate and share reports directly within Atlas, which helps eliminate individual reporting portals for each funder. Additionally, funders and recipients can create and share tasks and documents with each other so they don’t have to rely on email communication and the workflow delays that come with asynchronous communication.