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Funding Friday

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It’s Funding Friday! Welcome back to our monthly edition and happy pumpkin season to all those that celebrate. Scroll on to see the latest updates & upcoming events!


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New Feature Alert 🚀

Grant Matching is here!

Finding grants is hard, even with a search bar at your fingertips.

Now, OpenGrants does the work for you. We use your organization’s profile, add a sprinkle of A.I. magic to find recommendations from our database of 5,000+ grants, and deliver them straight to your dashboard.

Events 🗓

How to Manage Government Grant Funding – September 21st

Join us for a free information packed session on everything you need to know to manage a government grant with OpenGrants CEO, Sedale Turbovsky, and Atlas Solutions CEO, Ansley Fender. 

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Catch Up 🎥

Watch Understanding Climate Policy & Funding 

We learned a ton from Caroline Spears, Executive Director of Climate Cabinet, in our last session!

Sedale and Caroline broke down the impact of current climate policy and how private businesses and individuals can take action.

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Sedale Turbovsky

CEO, OpenGrants

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