Welcome to The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Expert!

We thought about writing a big long post about the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). Hopefully this is a better experience. Dive in, ask any questions you can think of, or use the preset questions at the bottom to get an idea of how this tool can help you research, engage with and understand what’s happening with the GGRF.

In addition to the preset questions at the bottom, here are some additional questions we have found useful;

  • Who are the key leaders of the Climate United Fund effort?
    • This can be applied to any of the recent funded proposals and delivers great intel on decision makers and key leaders.
  • Can you share links from the EPA website to the funded proposals
    • Download recent grant application narratives for your own analysis
  • Tell me about the GGRF overall
    • Zoom out and learn more about the funding programs at large.