Unlock Grant Funding Opportunities with OpenGrants Whitelabel Solutions

Navigating the intricate world of grant funding can be daunting, whether you’re a startup, non-profit, or public sector organization. However, the importance of grants in propelling projects forward and scaling impact cannot be overstated. This is where OpenGrants steps in with its innovative Whitelabel solutions designed to connect stakeholders to a plethora of funding sources and technical assistance, all under your own brand.

What is OpenGrants?

OpenGrants is a leading platform offering a comprehensive database of grant funding paired with an expert technical assistance marketplace. This unique combination ensures that stakeholders not only discover actionable grant funding opportunities but also receive the support they need to fully capitalize on them.

Why Choose OpenGrants Whitelabel Solutions?

Rapid Grant Discovery & Automated Matches: OpenGrants simplifies the grant search process. Our platform serves as a single access point for all U.S. based grants, including federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate grants. With our conversational interface, users can easily find grants and funnel them into their funding strategies efficiently.

Effortless Technical Assistance: Hiring the right expertise for grant applications is now hassle-free. OpenGrants has done all the vetting for you, organizing a pool of top industry talent that you can engage and pay through a straightforward process. Whether scaling up for complex projects or needing specific expertise, our platform enables effortless connection to on-demand technical assistance.

Whitelabel Features that Emphasize Your Brand

OpenGrants Whitelabel solutions allow you to offer these powerful tools directly from your domain, providing a seamless experience that maintains consistency with your brand:

– Branded Experience: Manage all consultant interactions through a single vendor and contract setup, ensuring a unified approach that reflects your brand.
– Custom Domain: Deploy our platform on your preferred web address, like grants.yourdomain.com, to strengthen brand visibility.
– Customized Support Flows: Tailor the AI and user interactions to mirror your brand’s unique workflows and communication style.

Competitive Pricing for Exponential Value

At just $4,399 per year, OpenGrants Whitelabel solutions represent an investment in your organization’s growth and impact. Begin by subscribing and watch as your grant funding and management processes transform with efficiency and scale.

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OpenGrants is trusted by communities eager to grow their impact through effective grant funding. Join us to revolutionize your grant discovery and management experience.