How OpenGrants Pricing Works

First and foremost when it comes to OpenGrants pricing, as part of our commitment to improving the accessibility and equity of all grant funding, the core OpenGrants search engine will always be free.

For those who want more powerful search tools, we offer a paid tier for $29 per month. This lets you save grants to your profile, take notes on grants, use power search filters, save your searches, and export the results to CSV. We’re also developing a powerful A.I. engine that will automatically match you to relevant grants. This will be included in the paid subscription when it launches.

We also make money when you hire freelance grant writers and other experts in the Talent Marketplace. These are independent experts who set their own rates and hours. Similar to many other marketplaces, we collect a fee from them when they earn work on the platform. Right now, that fee is 10%.

The final way we make money is through long-term service contracts with governments and strategic partners. We provide grant data and marketplace access at scale, through APIs and custom solutions. The pricing for those engagements vary widely depending on the partner’s unique needs.

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