How does OpenGrants work?

How does OpenGrants work? What to expect when using OpenGrants

OpenGrants is a platform that is designed to simplify the process of finding and securing grants. Whether you are a nonprofit, a researcher, an entrepreneur, or an artist, OpenGrants is here to help you navigate the complex world of grant funding.

With OpenGrants, you gain access to a comprehensive database of (U.S.-based) grants from various sources, making it easier for you to find opportunities that align with your specific needs and goals. The platform provides powerful search tools that allow you to filter grants based on criteria such as location, funding amount, and application deadlines. This enables you to quickly identify the grants that are most relevant to you.

What else can I do with OpenGrants?

You can use power search filters to refine your search results. You also have the ability to save your searches and export the results to CSV for further analysis.

Furthermore, OpenGrants includes an advanced artificial intelligence engine that automatically matches you to relevant grants based on your profile and preferences.

OpenGrants also offers a convenient way to hire grant writers through its Talent Finder feature. You can browse through profiles of experienced grant writers and send them a message detailing your specific requirements.

Finally, OpenGrants includes a “Common App.” Fill out the Common App so we can connect you to multiple funding opportunities in the future, through our partner networks. Think of the Common App as your pre-qualification for numerous future grant applications.

What compliance features does OpenGrants offer?

All messages sent over OpenGrants can be easily exported for record-keeping purposes. OpenGrants accepts both card and ACH payments via Stripe, ensuring a secure and convenient payment process.

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