Perks of Being an OpenGrants User

We partner with a variety of related companies, communities and service providers. Our goal is to recommend trusted resources that will be helpful for you on your journey to receiving—or helping others receive—grant funding. Take a look at our active perks below, and create an OpenGrants account to gain access.

Atlas Solutions

10% Savings on Atlas Grant Management Software

Atlas streamlines every stage of the grant cycle from planning to final reporting. OpenGrants users who are new to Atlas are eligible for a 10% discount on any subscription plan. Sign up to unlock this discount.

e-mission control

Preferred Pricing from e-Mission Control

Fleets working with OpenGrants are eligible for preferred pricing on clean fuel program support, advice, and management. Sign up to unlock preferred pricing.

10% Off LearnGrantWriting Programs helps those ready for a career change become paid grant writers, so they have the flexibility to build a life they love. Many current OpenGrants grant writers are graduates of For new or relatively inexperienced grant writers, we highly recommend their expertise and community.


$2,500 Off Wefunder Fees

With Wefunder anyone with $100 can invest in startups. Think of us as kickstarter for investing. We help founders raise more money, faster, so they can get back to building their startup. Sign up to unlock $2,500 off Wefunder’s fees when raising with them.

Direct Access to Opolis Digital Employment Commons

Opolis is a next-generation employment cooperative. Its purpose is to provide Benefits, Payroll and Shared Services for independent workers. Opolis is for anyone who works in the United States and self-identifies as a freelancer, solopreneur, sole-practitioner, gig worker, independent contractor and the like.


50% Off Rote, Grant Writing Management Tool

Write the first draft of your grant proposal in just a few minutes. With Rote, all of your past language lives in one place – organized, filterable, and at your fingertips when you need it. OpenGrants members are eligible for 50% off.

TKS Perk

$4,000 Off Government Contracting Engagement with TKS

Launch into RFPs and Government Contracting with the trusted experts, saving $4,000 in the process. TKS carries newcomers to the contracting table for local, state, and federal bidding opportunities above $75K. Click the link below to sign up for OpenGrants and access this perk.