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Funding Friday

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It’s Funding Friday! We have an awesome event lined up for you in May and some exciting announcements & resources.


  • 🗓 RSVP to hear Adam Draper talk VC, Grants, & Sci Fi Tech
  • 🎉 OpenGrants joins #HGL5!
  • 📚 When should you hire a grant writer?
  • 💸 Connect with a funding expert.

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Events 🗓

VC, Grant Funding, & Sci Fi Tech – May 25th

Tune in to hear Adam Draper discuss SciFi Tech, the new Boost VC rolling application process, and how grant funding factors into the success of their portfolio companies.

Big News 🎉

OpenGrants joins #HGL5!

We are excited to announce OpenGrants was one of 10 companies selected to join Higher Ground Labs 2022 accelerator cohort! #HGL5

As we bring on our new investor, OpenGrants remains committed to the community round! Learn how to invest.

Resources 📚

When should you hire a grant writer?

This is a great question that doesn’t always have a clear answer. Fortunately, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself to make the right choice. Read the blog & find more guides on OpenGrants.

Connect with an Expert 💸

Not sure where to start or ready for support? Connect with a grant funding expert.

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Sedale Turbovsky

CEO, OpenGrants

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