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Funding Friday

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It’s Funding Friday! Believe it or not, August is upon us and I’m happy to say it’s been a productive summer for OpenGrants! Scroll on to see the latest updates and register for upcoming events.


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Events 🗓

Equity Crowdfunding in 2022 – August 17th

Join us for a breakdown on equity crowdfunding and lessons learned from Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising at Wefunder. This session is perfect for any founder considering crowdfunding.

*Our Webinars are FREE to attend.*

New Feature 🚀

Post a project & let the experts come to you!

Hiring on-demand grant experts just got easier. You can now hire top-tier grant experts simply by posting a project on OpenGrants! Simply 1) Post a Project, 2) Wait for Experts to Apply & 3) Hire your favorite to get started.

Catch Up 🎥

OpenGrants passed the $125K Mark!

OpenGrants is still live on Wefunder and there is time to participate!

You do NOT need to be an accredited investor to participate and can join us with as little as $100.

For Organizations  📣

Organizations can now embed OpenGrants with our WordPress Plugin!

Provide easy access to grants and technical assistance for your stakeholders and citizens. Existing AWS customers can procure the plugin through the AWS Marketplace using their dedicated AWS budget.

Not on OpenGrants yet? Create a free account today to start exploring grant opportunities and connect with high quality grant professionals.


Sedale Turbovsky

CEO, OpenGrants

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