OpenGrants WordPress Plugin Walkthrough

Video Transcription

The OpenGrants WordPress plugin is a fast, easy and affordable way for local governments like cities, industry organizations, and startup ecosystems to make grant funding and on-demand technical assistance and grant writing available to their citizens and stakeholders.

It’s a simple monthly or annual subscription. And then it’s just a standard WordPress plugin download. So you download the plugin, we send you an API key that grants you access, and then you can upload it here. Enter your API key in the back end of WordPress, set your accent colors and upload a logo so that it’s branded as your organization, and you’re good to go.

You can enter this tool on any page of your site. We support logged in experiences as well as public websites. Then OpenGrants becomes essentially your tool to make available to your community.

This includes access to a grant finder…OpenGrants curates an ongoing database of all U.S. based funding, including federal, state, local and private foundation funding. We’re always adding to this database of funding, and always accepting recommendations.

You can hire on-demand technical assistance and grant writers from our ever growing marketplace of experts, and then all project management and billing, invoices, hours, et cetera, gets managed directly over the platform.

We also have built in messaging tools for working with technical assistance and grant writers.

If you’re looking to solve the challenge of access to grants and expertise to help with technical assistance for your community, get in touch.