OpenGrants WordPress Plugin Now Available in AWS Marketplace

OpenGrants is proud to share that our WordPress Plugin—which allows local governments, industry groups and startup ecosystems to provide grant search and on-demand technical assistance to their communities at scale—is now available to purchase directly through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace.

This means that any government or organization that already uses AWS can procure OpenGrants with dedicated AWS budget, instead of requesting new budget approval. This allows for a consolidated bill to expedite purchasing, and can avoid the need to get additional vendor approvals.

Purchasers can trust that OpenGrants, as a solution that was curated by the AWS team, is high quality software with a reputable team behind it.

Customers can also drill down on committed cloud spend with AWS to unlock overall savings faster.

In fact, there’s a good chance that by working with AWS, local governments can unlock a valuable funding resource for its citizens, while also reducing overall cloud spend by working with AWS to streamline usage and billing.

Learn more and view purchase options on the AWS Marketplace.