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👋🏼OpenGrants Introduction

👀OpenGrants Deck

🔴 The Problem

  • 30% of grant funding is wasted. (see sources here)
  • 40% of grant-seekers’ time is spent searching and applying for grants, instead of doing critical research and work. (see sources here)
  • This equates to thousands of hours of lost time and billions in wasted funding for everyone involved.

🔵 Our Business Model

OpenGrants is a marketplace-driven software and data provider. We sell SaaS and DaaS which is all made possible by activities on our marketplace. OpenGrants has three distinct revenue streams which make up our total revenue.

  • We have a 20% take in the marketplace. When users pay grant consultants, we get 20%.
  • We sell subscriptions to our data product. This may be via API or other custom implementations. We offer per-call API pricing, while custom engagements generally contract at $25k/year.
  • We sell a basic upgrade to users to enhance access to search functionality for $29/month.

🚀 Our Solution

OpenGrants is a private software company on a mission to transform global grant funding—a trillion-dollar problem—from the outside in, using modern technologies. OpenGrants provides governments, foundations, and others with modern infrastructure and actionable data that improves capital efficiency, accelerates funding, increases transparency, and improves equity.

📈The OpenGrants Roll Up Vehicle ($GRANT)


OpenGrants RUV Resources

Company Valuation: $7M

Equity Allocation: 9.9%

Total Investors: 22+

Lock-up Period: 12 Months

Minimum Investment: $5000 USD

Total Invested: $256k+ USD

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📚 Additional Materials

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OpenGrants Press

OpenGrants Founder Profiles

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❤️ Recommendations & Endorsements

Jason Law

Senior Analyst at Preferred Capital Advisors

OpenGrants dramatically improves the way the public obtains government funding and resources. Sedale and his team have a bold and methodical approach for building their technology and delivering their service. I believe OpenGrants to be a constitutional platform for the economy to more effectively interact with government. I look forward experiencing to the new digital civic ecosystem they help to build.

Sadie St. Lawrence

AI Strategy Consultant at Accenture

Sedale is a visionary leader who is skilled in business operations and entrepreneurship. Having worked with Sedale for over a year I have always been impressed with is ability to clearly communicate and execute to the desired goal. Above all, Sedale is proven and experienced leader and I have no doubt that anything he puts his mind to he will succeed.

Melissa Granville

Senior Program Director at Capitol Impact

Sedale is a thoughtful, strategic, and collaborative leader. His breakthrough ideas have become reality because he listens to experts, surrounds himself with a great team, and uses his inherent business-savvy to push innovations forward. Above all else, what sets Sedale apart from other founders is his willingness to set aside his ego for the good of his companies and investors

Bill Mitchel

Advisor at OpenGrants

Sedale and Cody are passionate, creative and absolutely committed to transforming the grant funding process. I’m confident that OpenGrants will play an innovative and significant role in that transformation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sedale on other startup projects. I always learn something new from his approach to solving problems, aggressively using new technologies and process to simplify and streamline the solution.

Gary A. Bolles

Chair for The Future of Work at Singularity University

Sedale and Cody are that rare combination: Passionate and driven entrepreneurs who have created a two-sided market platform that can do well and do good. This will be big.

Molly Pyle

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development Lead at Center on Rural Innovation

In addition to being incredibly efficient operators, the founders bring a combination of hard-won industry experience, expertise, and innovative thinking to an industry so entrenched in traditional paradigms, and so overdue for a complete overhaul. I’m inspired by this team’s background, leadership, vision, and unique ability to both understand and work within the current systems to execute on designing a new one that will completely change the game.

John Dearie

President at Center for American Entrepreneurship

Sedale and OpenGrants fascinated us at the Center for American Entrepreneurship from the moment we heard about them. At CAE, we work with U.S. policymakers on behalf of American entrepreneurs and startups, and access to capital is a key issue for us. What impressed us immediately about Sedale was his insightful diagnosis of a major and unaddressed problem: the importance of nondilutive grant capital to startups, the availability of such capital, and yet the difficulty most entrepreneurs experience in identifying, applying for, and getting available grant capital. Sedale and his team have ingeniously hacked that problem on behalf of other startups. We were so impressed by OpenGrants, its leadership, and the importance of its product to American startups that we put a portal to their site on CAE’s website — something we had never done before. OpenGrants, under Sedale’s leadership, is helping to power a revitalization of American entrepreneurship — and we at CAE regard them as a critical ally.

James Ha

CEO at eCivis

The OpenGrants founding team has deep subject matter expertise and their solution is in high demand. Local governments are actively searching for solutions to improve the citizen experience and distribute funding, and the senior team has a solid vision to address it. GovTech is experiencing an extraordinary shift and there is unprecedented demand for solutions thanks to federal recovery funding. Sedale and Cody have an excellent pulse on what the market is investing in today.

Michael Luciani

SVP, Civic Activism at Helm

Sedale is off the charts intelligent AND empathetic, not a combination you see often. We met as founding fellows at On Deck Climate Tech and I have watched OpenGrants grow for the past year. Sedale’s vision is huge and he undoubtably has the patience and passion to bring it to fruition!

Adam Draper

Founder and Managing Director at Boost VC

I have worked with the team for two years now. Sedale is a mission driven leader with the ability to continue to better himself. It’s my favorite type of founder to work with, and Sedale himself is thoughtful like you’ve never met. He works hard and continues to find where there is a larger market on the path towards changing the money allocating between private and public. Sedale is the reason I invested, he was thoughtful and listened well. His belief in what they are doing has never waivered. I believe the best teams need to be committed, and this team is one of the most committed on the planet.