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Funding Friday

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Grants & Sales Enablement for GovTech – Free Webinar

February 23rd, 12pm(PT)

Join us for an in depth discussion between OpenGrants CEO, Sedale Turbovsky, and CivStart Co-Founder Sarah Nicoll.

Spotlight on Climate Tech Opportunities

Invest in OpenGrants

OpenGrants passed the $125K Mark!

OpenGrants is still live on Wefunder and there is time to participate!

You do NOT need to be an accredited investor to participate and can join us with as little as $100.

Product Updates

New Features & UX!

OpenGrants aims to bring joy, hope, and accessibility to the grant funding experience. We continue to make leaps forward in this effort on our platform. See this month’s product updates and log in to explore for yourself!

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Sedale Turbovsky

CEO, OpenGrants

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