Funding Alert: Up to $49M for R&D on Space Enterprise Technologies

$467M (up to $49M per award) is available for any entity that’s researching or developing technologies that advance space systems. Specific requirements are outlined as opportunities are released.


Closing date: September 28, 2022
Expected number of awards: Multiple
Award amount: Up to $49M
How to apply: Start here

What is the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicle Directorate?

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicle Directorate (RV) is interested in receiving proposals from all offerors to advance state of the art technology and scientific knowledge supporting all aspects of space systems including payload adapters, on-orbit systems, communications links, ground systems, and user equipment. Efforts will include basic and advanced research, advanced component and technology development, prototyping, and system development and demonstration and will span the range from concept and laboratory experimentation to testing/demonstration in a relevant environment. Specific tasks include design, development, analysis, fabrication, integration, characterization, testing/experimentation, and demonstration of hardware and software products.

Why Research Options for Space Enterprise Technologies?

The Research Options for Space Enterprise Technologies (ROSET) encompasses 15 technical areas which may be used in any combination per CALL. These technical areas are as follows:

  1. Guidance, Navigation, Control (GNC) technology for orbit determination, Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO), station keeping, and maneuver
  2. Space solar array architecture, power generation, energy storage and distribution
  3. Space structures, integrated sensing, thermal technologies, and agile manufacturing
  4. Electronic materials, devices, and architectures from the transistor to the system level
  5. Decision support systems, analytics, automation, and user interface tools and test beds
  6. Multi-scale, multi-physics, modeling, simulation, evaluation and analysis (MSE&A) for satellite systems and mission architectures
  7. Small satellite technologies, concepts, and missions
  8. Integrated technology solutions for space operations in contested and degraded environments
  9. Space sensing and imaging concepts, components, data processing, characterization, and phenomenology
  10. Concepts and techniques to detect, identify, characterize, and track space objects
  11. Precision timing, inertial sensor, and atom interferometry concepts and techniques
  12. Global position waveform and signal concepts and advanced amps and transmit receive (T/R) technologies and impact assessment
  13. Cyber-security/trust of software, components, and subsystems for assured space operations
  14. Satellite communications technologies including antennas, electronic components, propagation effects, signal processing, and networking methodologies
  15. Focal plane arrays and discrete detectors ranging from visible to long-wave infrared

How does this funding work?

This is a 5 year Closed Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) describing the research areas of interest for the Research Options for Space Enterprise Technologies (ROSET). This closed BAA approach allows for submittals at a specified date and time, which will be posted through the issuance of CALL announcements at various times against this BAA. This BAA will be reviewed no less frequently than annually and updates will be published in FedBizOpps. Any changes or cancellation of the BAA will be posted as amendments to this BAA. As requirements within the technical topic areas are identified, CALLs will be issued in FedBizOpps to request proposals for specific research efforts. These subsequent CALLs will contain specific descriptions of the research effort to be addressed, anticipated period of performance, information pertaining to the specific research technical topic area, and the estimated funding profile for the CALL. NO PROPOSALS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AGAINST THIS BASELINE BAA. Proposal due dates and times will be specified in each CALL.

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