$700K in Grants Available for Waste Prevention

Our partners at StopWaste, a public agency reducing waste in Alameda County, CA, have five available grants open now through February 25th! The funding available totals over $700K for waste prevention projects across reuse and repair, packaging, food donation, reusable foodware, and overall waste prevention. See all open opportunities below on OpenGrants and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. If you do not already have one, please create a free OpenGrants account here to view the grant listings.

These funding opportunities are limited to projects located in or serving the residents or businesses of Alameda County, CA.

Reusable Transport Packaging Grants

The reusable transport packaging grants provide funding for equipment to support the switch from single- or limited-use packaging used in manufacturing, transportation, and/or distribution to durable, reusable alternatives, designed for many years of use.

Up to $10,000

Surplus Food Donation Equipment Grants

The Surplus Food Donation Equipment Grants provide funding to support the recovery or donation or surplus edible food that would otherwise go to waste, thereby increasing capacity for businesses to donate food and/or organizations to receive more food.

Up to $10,000

Reusable Foodware Pilot Project Grants

The Reusable Foodware Pilot Project Grants provide funding for innovative projects that replace single-use, disposable foodware with reusable systems. The funded pilot projects will help StopWaste explore the feasibility of reusable foodware systems for a wide range of settings and start developing infrastructure in Alameda County, California, that makes reusable foodware accessible.

Up to $50,000

Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grants

The Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grants fund innovative pilots and projects that prevent edible food from going to compost or landfill by recovering and redistributing it to feed people, or by preventing the production of surplus edible food through product or process redesign. The goal is to reduce the amount of surplus edible food generated and/or to donate surplus food.

Up to $20,000

Waste Prevention Grants: Reuse & Repair

The Reuse & Repair Grants fund innovative projects that incorporate reuse, repair, deconstruction, product or process redesign, reduction, recovery, and redistribution of goods, and other materials. The goal is to minimize the need for disposal or recycling, and instead foster waste reduction to support environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources, and stimulate economic activity in the reuse and recovery sectors.

Up to $20,000