Partner Spotlight: Climate Vine

Whatever your experience, we need you in climate. But there aren’t many spaces for you to meet and create systems-level change with people from different fields. Since 2020, our team has gathered more than 650 people in virtual communities to fill this gap. Past Members raised over $350M+ in venture funding, dozens of companies emerged, and hundreds of emerging contributors transitioned to the climate innovation space. We’re now building Climate Vine to further connect regulatory, funding, scientific and technical landscapes.

Introducing Climate Vine

Climate Vine is a membership community that combines elements of a continuous conference and an action-oriented lab. Want to start something new? Excellent. Our members find jobs and cofounders. Want to expand your network? Investors, entrepreneurs and advisors find each other here. Want to work with leaders in their fields? Fantastic. We build each themed cohort through a competitive application process to create a dynamic, 150-person collective. Climate Vine helps our Members strategically unlock ideas, talent, and capital to accelerate their climate impact.

Each Member is a deep expert committed to collaborating with people from different backgrounds, ranging from academia and science to policy, tech and entrepreneurship. Members can expect to spend about 1-3 hours a week on Climate Vine throughout the 3-month themed cohort and about 1 hour a week for the rest of the annual membership in curated small groups, socials and off-the-record conversations.

As a Climate Vine Member, you’ll have access to:

  • Peer-to-peer brain trust groups for accountability and support within the cohort
  • Office hours and sessions led by peer Members who are experts in their respective fields, from science to tech, policy and investing
  • Curated resources, organized by subject, to help you hone in on our cohort themes
  • Exclusive access to projects from large companies, NGOs and start-ups in the space who can become long-term collaborators
  • Build Showcases to share what you grew on the Vine
  • Fireside chats, small group breakouts and deep-dive sessions with the world’s best climate entrepreneurs, policy experts, investors and scientists, focused on driving climate solutions

Whether you are an entrepreneur obsessed with solving our climate challenges, a scientist looking to bring deep, technically complex solutions to market, or looking to join, partner with or support climate organizations, Climate Vine provides the structure and framework for systems-level change.

Inaugural Theme: Government Incentives & Climate Deployment

In the last year, we’ve seen both horrific extreme weather events and the boldest climate and environmental justice bill in US’s history. Unlocking the full potential of recent government bills will make the difference between slow climate progress and game-changing leaps and bounds. For example, political scientists believe the Inflation Reduction Act will spur climate spending to as much as $1 trillion. As one vehicle for tapping into and helping to shape this unique opportunity, Climate Vine will bring public and private forces together with the following types of experts:

  • Scientists with ready-to-commercialize scientific innovations.
  • Policy and government actors looking to connect with more innovation communities in order to disperse public dollars, find talent, and/or improve future policies.
  • Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders looking to action recent climate bills.
  • Private Investors in venture capital, private equity, and project finance who understand that public money catalyzes private money and hope to help their portfolio companies gain policy support and public dollars.
  • Frontline community advocates at the forefront of community development who understand the requirement and need for community involvement
  • And interdisciplinary strategic advisors who bring a breadth of knowledge and experience across these categories

Our first theme aligning government with climate solutions will serve as a crucial building block for future themes that will range from water and home decarbonization to regeneration and scientific research gaps.

Who is in the first cohort?

Here’s a sampling of the types of folks who will be in the first cohort.

Speakers include:

Ready to get started?

In this complex and sometimes emotionally taxing space, it’s especially important for people to band together and drive solutions. We’re thrilled to launch this new initiative, and can’t wait to build this space with and for you.

The Inaugural Climate Vine Cohort kicks off in early April. Applications are rolling, with an early bird deadline of February 24th. If you’re looking to unlock ideas, talent, and capital and leverage your time for impact, join our live Q&A session on February 14th and apply here to be considered for this or future cohorts.