Your Guide To $GRANT

A guide to $GRANT for our community members and contractors

Congratulations to our $GRANT holders! Welcome to the OpenGrants community and thank you so much for being part of our journey. Your contract with us is the governing document when it comes to $GRANT (you can access it here), but you can consider the following information as a quick summary and reference point.

What is $GRANT?

$GRANT represents future equity in OpenGrants. We launched a continuous offering to let you become an owner of OpenGrants. We allocated 11.1% of our equity to the $GRANT offering. The price of $GRANT will evolve with the demand for $GRANT.

What can you do with $GRANT?

1) $GRANT can be held as representation of ownership of future equity. $GRANT will convert at a liquidity event.

2) $GRANT can be traded on a secondaries market once those are available for these vehicles. $GRANT can be sold to investors, however, Egeria Corporation retains the right of first refusal, please send any requests to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you withdraw $GRANT? 

    Currently no, because $GRANT represents future equity ownership, it is not treated like a crypto currency in that sense.

  • Can you sell/trade $GRANT? 

    Yes, but see the notes above and refer to the contract. You will need to set up sales or trades independently as there are not any exchanges that support the sale of a Continuous Agreement for Future Equity at this time.

  • How do I set up an independent sale? 

    Simply send the details of the trade or sale to [email protected] for review. Our team will review and send feedback.

    Details must include (1) the amount you wish to sell and (2) information regarding the parties involved in the sale.