An Intro Guide to The OpenGrants API

OpenGrants delivers a best-in-class database of grant funding and a marketplace of grant writers, consultants and technical assistance providers. Integrate the power of OpenGrants into your product using our API. Match your users to grant funding automatically. Connect them to the technical assistance providers they need. This is ideal for organizations that want to add OpenGrants functionality to their user experience in a fully customizable way, and have the development resources to implement it.

Getting Started

To get access to the OpenGrants developer portal you need an invitation from our team. Get started by accessing one of the free trials below:

OpenGrants Documentation

The documentation linked here provides all endpoints available in the OpenGrants API as well as example requests in curl and example responses from the OpenGrants API.

The OpenGrants API uses REST. It will return JSON-encoded responses if the request succeeded. All requests must be authenticated by adding a X-Api-Key request header and setting it to one of your API keys. Once you have received an invitation from our team, you can view and manage your API keys in the OpenGrants Developer Portal.