What is the Global Grant Writers Collective?

OpenGrants is thrilled to partner with LearnGrantWriting.org to support our active network of grant writers and those who wish to start a career in grant writing. Learn more about their mission, program, and process below. When you’re ready to sign up, click here for monthly payments or here to pay once. OpenGrants users save 10% with code “OG”.

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Who We Are

Once upon a time, a grant writer unearthed a big problem: there were no options for learning to write grants in a modern, refreshing way. Existing options were “old school” and expensive.

The idea? Create an online learning experience that makes grant writing approachable and fun.

Learn Grant Writing was founded on the belief that our time should be spent adding real value to our communities and leading fulfilling lives. 

What We Do

Practically, we teach people how to write grants. In our Grant Writing Unicorn Collective, we provide a step-by-step system to help folks build a career in grant writing as grant writing professionals. The Collective is a year-long membership that includes online instructional videos, community, and coaching to teach you a step-by-step system for building a flexible career in grant writing. In addition to an ever-growing community and mentorship, there are live trainings offered twice a month.

The Collective is structured into seven phases:

  • Phase 1: Get Started (learn how to pay for the program in two projects + tons of freebies!)
  • Phase 2: Find Grants (our tried and true grant research method)
  • Phase 3: Write Grants (a step by step approach)

After Phase 3, you’ll receive your certificate – yay! With your certificate and real-world experience, you can interview well for higher-paying, quality jobs. If you enjoyed the freelancing, we show you how to work for yourself and build a rockin’ grant writing consulting business in the remaining phases. 

  • Phase 4: Make Your First $15,000 (we show you how to grant write full-time)

Then you decide, full-time freelance or new job? Most of our members choose the lifestyle flexibility of freelancing. Now that you have $15,000 worth of freelance expertise under your belt, it’s time to grow! In the remaining phases, you are supported in scaling your business to 6-figures and beyond. Decide to land a cool new job? Certified grant writer on your resume is game changing.

  • Phase 5: Growing to $50,000 (if you’re full-time consulting, set up your business like a pro and scale)
  • Phase 6: Growing to $100,000 Annually (building teams + hitting 6-figures year over year)
  • Phase 7: Expanding to $250,000+ and Advanced Grant Writing Training (training for the advanced grant writing professional and grant consultant building a business with multiple team members)

Is the Collective for you?

Ultimately, our goal is to thoroughly equip you with knowledge and tools to succeed so you have the flexibility and freedom to build a life you love. The Collective was created for those looking for a career change that are interested in freelance grant writing or landing a new job with the added benefits of a lively community and steadfast peer support.  

Most intermediate to advanced grant writers that come to us have gained their grant writing experience in a full-time job. They are now looking to break off on their own and feel like they’re missing business skills.

For example, maybe you don’t know how much to charge? How to find a steady stream of clients? How to build a team? How to not feel super alone in this all and manage everything from the execution of the work to doing business development, taxes, payroll, expense tracking – all the things! 

We’ve got you covered. We guarantee you have something you can learn that will still improve your grant prospecting and writing processes, and we welcome what you can teach us. 

Beyond that, we are so much more than just grant writing training (although our training is top notch). In our Collective, we’re all about wholeness and helping you achieve your dream lifestyle. We believe in:

  • Adding Real Value – We make each move count to live meaningful lives. 
  • Leading From Within – We recognize leadership as a lifelong practice. 
  • Celebrating Wins – No matter how small, pause to celebrate life’s milestones.

The Collective is a fun, amazing, and dynamic community. Daily, we are in awe at how our community members cheer one another on and support each other. 

If you are looking for a fulfilling career that speaks to your heart, you are smart to consider grant writing. To be clear, grant writing is hard work. But, if it fits your personality and goals, it can be life changing.

Getting trained in grant writing and business will:

  • Show you how to get paid freelance grant writing on your very first project.
  • Help you find paid opportunities and turn away more work than you accept.
  • Eliminate fears of what happens if your grant doesn’t win and how to manage your time.
  • Allow you to have a meaningful impact on the world.


By choosing to learn with us, you are supporting a bootstrapped startup. Thank you for believing in us and joining our vibrant community of changemakers.

But, don’t just take our word for it: check out this video for student testimonials

Here is a free training on how to build a career in grant writing.

If you’d like to speak with an advanced grant writer in the program that made the leap, shoot us an email at [email protected] or send a DM on Instagram