Everything You Can Do For Free on OpenGrants

Our goal at OpenGrants is to make grant funding fair and efficient—to offer a fair shot for those who will use the money to make the world a better place, and to save billions in taxpayer dollars by unifying and streamlining the grant search, application, award, and management process.

That’s why a lot of what can be done on OpenGrants is free. Yes, we are a business and we do sell services to make money, but we also offer a remarkable amount of services and resources that are completely free. This is a core part of our mission because it not only offers free value to our users, it also helps us gather everyone into a collective community where real change in the grant funding process can be made. With that background in mind, here are all the things you can do on OpenGrants for free:

Create a Profile

This may seem trivial, but when you create a profile on OpenGrants, it makes your organization visible to grant funders. Behind the scenes, OpenGrants is partnering with foundations and governments to connect these funders to the grant seeker ecosystem. Just by creating a free profile for your organization, you’re joining that ecosystem and opting in to being connected to future funding opportunities.

Search for Grants

We’ve compiled a database of about 5,000 grants. As of the time of writing, these are all U.S. based grants covering federal, state, local, and private funding sources. Our goal is to have every available grant in the U.S. (and eventually the world) listed on OpenGrants. We have more work to do, but we’re confident we’re one of the best grant search resources out there, and the only one that’s truly free.

Learn About Grants

Visit our knowledge base, chat with our team when you’re logged in, and attend our monthly webinars (view past recordings here) covering everything from how to apply for Federal grants, to when you should hire a grant writer, to how to manage your accounting after you’ve won a grant. OpenGrants is one of the best places to learn about grant funding on the internet, and all of our educational resources are free.

Find an Expert

We very quickly learned that helping people search for grants isn’t enough. Usually, the grant application process is time consuming and confusing, and applicants often need or want support and guidance. That’s why we built a marketplace of vetted, independent grant experts who can be hired hourly or on a project basis. Obviously, hiring an expert will cost money. But searching the Talent Finder to see who’s out there, getting an idea of the support you might need, and sourcing quotes from various independent experts is all free.

Hopefully this article gave you a good idea of what OpenGrants is all about, what you can do with OpenGrants, and why we feel we’re the best place on the internet to start your grant funding journey. Whether you’re an expert, a seasoned grant winner, or a total beginner, everyone has a reason to create a free account on OpenGrants. Get it done in 3 minutes here.