Resources Library for Grant Experts

OpenGrants is committed to providing a supportive environment for all of the grant experts and consultants in our network. Please review the following perks and resources available exclusively to experts in the OpenGrants Talent Marketplace.

Health Benefits

Benefits, Payroll and Shared Services for independent workers from our partner Opolis.

Professional Development

Receive industry defining professional preparation from our partners at LGW. Sign up to access our discount.


Connect with a vibrant community of experts. Share templates and best practices. Access exclusive events and trainings.

Grant Application Library

Access a curated library of past grant applications and supporting documents to learn what works and improve your own application.

Industry Tools

Intelligent content management. Streamlined writing workflows. Access purpose built tools for your work. Everything you need in one place.

Technical Support

Our friendly customer success team can help you do everything from setting up virtual offices to ensuring your profile is optimized for discovery.

Getting Started

Submit an application on the OpenGrants Platform. This is your first step in getting connected to the community. OpenGrants is designed to facilitate connections between you and people looking for your unique, and deep, expertise. Get paid to work on what you know best.

  • Create a profile that highlights your areas of deep expertise.

  • Set up an account so we know where to send your money.

  • Follow onboarding tips and opt-in to mobile device notifications.

  • Opt-in to have your profile featured on the website and in marketing efforts.

Engage Clients

OpenGrants provides a variety of protections and support via our platform. We understand the challenges of freelancing and have developed this platform to support you in your work. With robust records archiving, non-disclosure agreements and dispute resolution processes, we make sure you can work worry free.

  • Respond to outreach from clients looking for your services.

  • Submit proposals to clients via the OpenGrants platform.

  • Upload hours worked. OpenGrants will automate everything else.

  • Sell to governments and public agencies with our streamlined procurement process.

Getting Paid

OpenGrants provides a streamlined payments process for all parties involved. Payments process every two weeks and are delivered directly to the account of your choosing. Contractors in our ecosystem can receive a portion of $GRANT in lieu of cash.

  • Get paid every two weeks.

  • OpenGrants streamlines tax filings so you and your clients can work free of paperwork.

  • Get access to equity ownership of OpenGrants via $GRANT and other unique vehicles.